Expertise and Experience made Accessible

Jaco brings a 15-year journey in the Start-Up and SMME environment based in Southern Africa.  He has successfully taken 4 Start-Ups from idea to commercial businesses which are still in operation today.  He was also part of two SMMEs, one in the early growth stage and the other a 20-year established business with expansion and reinvention potential.  During this time Jaco also gained valuable experience in managing key supplier and customer accounts of multi-national conglomerates enabling him to offer sound guidance to Start-Ups and SMMEs in accessing, penetrating and managing these markets and dealing with larger suppliers and customers even though being a small enterprise.  Our knowledge enables us to service Start-Ups and SMMEs across markets and industries.  We believe in telescopic focus and acknowledge that we cannot be everything to everybody.  It is therefore that the below areas as what we perceive as our specialized expertise and area of experience.  If we are not specialized in your field yet, we strongly believe in the power of support and offering support functions while you focus on the specialist areas of the industry.  To find out more get in contact with Jaco.

Business Meeting

Start-Up Consulting

Consulting Support throughout the Start-Up Journey

The Start-Up journey is as much a lonely one as what it is an exhilarating and rewarding one.  Having gone through the Start-Up process a number of times Jaco offers his experience, expertise, and knowledge in a bespoke offering specific to your needs.

Campaign Pitch

SMME Consulting

Consulting Support after your business launch

After launching your initial business concept commercially the process of continuous refinement, improvement and growth commence.  Jaco can assist you on this journey by offering consulting services on a strategic and operational level across various business functions.  In areas where Jaco does not specialize in, he has a strong established partner network that he can draw on to offer a turnkey solution to all customers while facilitating the relationship and overall objectives.


Sport and Fitness Business Consulting

Turn-Key Sport and Fitness Business Support

With the bulk of Jaco's career experience in the Sports and Fitness industry, he has a well-established network to support entrepreneurs and business owners in this market.  Typical customers who can benefit from Jaco's specialized sport and fitness support consulting includes but are not limited to:

  • Personal Fitness Trainers

  • High-Performance Conditioning Trainers

  • Biokinetics Practice Owners

  • Boutique Fitness Studio Owners

  • CrossFit Facility Owners

  • Commercial Gym Owners

Business Meeting

Athlete and Team Management Consulting

Supporting Professional Athletes and Teams

Professional Athletes and Teams of all sporting codes have an array of management needs.  With Jaco's High-Performance Sports background on professional level combined with his lifetime understanding of sport as well as his MBA qualification he is well equipped to assist athletes and teams to achieve their key strategic goals.